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I thought it was OUR money? January 30, 2009

Posted by sharon in Uncategorized.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. The party that has for the last 30 years been telling us that “it’s not the government’s money, it’s YOUR money,” has voted, in lock-step, against the stimulus package that the people WE elected–Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid–have presented as a plan to get the economy moving again.

House Passes Stimulus Plan With No G.O.P. Votes (January 29, 2009)

I think if the Republicans  really and truly believed that it’s OUR money, they would have countered with a proposal to take the $819B and divide it up among everyone who files a tax return for 2008, the same way they did with that paltry $600 last time. We’ll spend it–you better believe we’ll spend it. We’ll pay off our cars or buy a new one; we’ll pay down the mortgage; we’ll pay off the credit cards; and if there’s anything left over, maybe we’ll put it in a bank. Yeah, we know what to do with $819B.

That’s what the Republicans would do if they really believed their own hype. But they don’t.



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