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Legal Services and Family Planning for the Poor February 2, 2009

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While the poor are caught increasingly by foreclosure, eviction and food-stamp fights for their daily bread, deficit-bedeviled statehouses across the country are cutting support for legal services or dropping the programs outright.

If the Republican establishment had set out to accomplish Grover Norquist’s goal of making government small enough to “drown in a bathtub,” wouldn’t their plan of attack look a lot like what is happening now, and what has been happening for the past 30+ years? The social safety net has been shredded, possibly beyond repair, and the Treasury is effectively bankrupted by the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the bailout of Wall Street. Has George Bush’s “base” decided that it doesn’t need the vast majority of poor and middle class Americans, only enough of them to clean their homes and perform essential personal services? Are the poor just supposed to crawl under a bridge and die quietly? We’ve seen what happens in other countries when the poor decide that they no longer have anything left to lose. We’ve even seen it here, when Socialist Eugene V. Debs received nearly a million votes in his run for President in 1912.



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