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As the sub-title suggests, I was born in the early part of the Baby Boom (1946-1964). I was born and raised in Texas, but I got out as soon as I could. Now I live in the bluest-of-Blue Northeastern portion of the United States of Omerica. (That’s not a typo.) I have blogged for my town and my employer, and I took a stab at a technical blog that was short-lived. This is my first blog that’s just for me.

In 1966 I was 15 years old. On the evening of September 8th of that year, a most extraordinary television show premiered. It was called “Star Trek,” and the cast included a white man, a black woman, an Asian, and a character who was half-human and half-Vulcan. (Later on a Russian was added.) We didn’t know much about Vulcans at that point, but over the next three years we got to know Spock very well indeed. That’s when I first realized that “smart is sexy,” in the words of Isaac Asimov’s equally impressionable 12-year-old daughter.

I’ve been using the moniker “firstgentrekkie” since before there was a Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG). Sometime in the early 1970s a lot of local stations started reruns of the original series (ST:TOS), which brought in a lot of new fans.  By the time the late 70s rolled around, and the fan-run first Star Trek conventions were held in New York City, thousands of old and new fans showed up, much to the surprise of the organizers, who were only expecting a few hundred. That’s about the time I adopted the sig “First generation Trekkie (pre-reruns), and veteran of two Star Trek conventions.”

Contact me at firstgentrekkie @ gmail.com.



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